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2/29/2016 1 More Pat's Peak Gig!
We'll be back at Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub on Friday, March 4th. Brian will be holding down the fort with a solo set to kick off the night between 7:00 and 8:30, and then CM will jam for the rest of the night.

C'mon out for our last Pat's Peak gig of the season!
1/30/2016 The Awakening
Last night's gig at Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub was another return to form for Cheese Merge. We had to shake some rust off but after a few songs the vibes were flowing as usual.

We'll be back on March 4th! And like last night, I will try to Periscope the gig so people can tune in and check it out.
1/12/2016 Re-Peak!
Our first gig of the year will be at, surprise, Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub, on Friday, January 29th, 2016!

This will not only be our first show of 2016, but our first show in 10 months. We'd love to see some friendly faces!
3/28/2015 Goodbye to Pats Peak for the season
Last night was yet another gem at Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub. 3 solid sets with a great turnout. HUGE props to Zoe (I think she said she was 8?) for kicking off our set with "God Bless America". She absolutely nailed it!

Much thanks to a bunch of Marc's friends for making the trek out to our gig. We know it's a venue that is out of the way for everyone, even New Hampshirites, so we really appreciate it!

Can't wait to get back to the Peak next season!
3/14/2015 Peaking Again!
CM's next gig is this Friday up at Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub, on Friday, March 27th, 2015!

2/7/2015 Peak Performance
Last night's gig at Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub was a great one. 3 solid sets, with Marc holding down the fort for 15 mins while Brian was caught in hellacious traffic coming from Boston. Props to the great crowd and always awesome staff.

Set 2 opened with a funky "Wolfman's Brother" which was rudely interrupted by a fire alarm. After evacuating the building, CM returned with a segue-fest for the ages...kicking off with a very appropriate "Fire On The Mountain".

Hope to see some friendly faces at our next Peak gig on March 27th!
1/3/2015 Peak Domination Again!
Last night at Pat's Peak was a solid outing by all accounts! We played 3 sets and got a great reaction from the folks in attendance. Can't wait to get back on Feb 6th!
12/1/2014 Kicking Off 2015 In Style!
CM's next gig has been scheduled: Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub, on Friday, January 2nd, 2015!

That's right...we'll be kicking off 2015 up at the Peak. It's a GREAT venue for live music and we love playing there. The pub food is great, the beer selection is spot on, and behind us while we play is a lit up ski mountain - you can't beat it!
7/5/14 Hell yeah!
What else can we say? Last night's house party was off the charts! 2 great sets and a super receptive and fun crowd. Our man Ken P., who used to come see us way back in the day, asked us to play a house party and we brought our A-game. The weather was lousy, but that didn't matter at all. The turnout was great, food even better, and the vibe was chill all night. Lots of dancing and crowd participation. What more could you possibly want out of a gig?
6/20/14 Booooo, and sort of yay!
Tonight's CM gig at Agostino's is no longer on the horizon, due to a thumb injury on Marc's part. But fear not, Brian will be holding down the fort, performing solo.

We will work on getting another CM date at the same venue sometime this Summer or Fall. That's a promise (threat?)!
6/12/14 Happy Mergependence Day!
Although our gig on July 4th in Franklin, MA is a private gig, the flyer is too epic to not share:

Don't forget about our Agostino's gig next week!
3/18/14 New venue!
There's a gig on the horizon at a brand new venue for CM. We'll be hitting up the newly renovated bar at Agostino's in Natick, MA on June 20th!

For all you Metro-Westers - You now have no excuse not to come. It's literally in your backyard. The food is great (come early for dinner!) and the new lounge/bar should be a nice and cozy environment for a CM show. C'mon out!
2/22/2014 A Unique One!
Last night at Pat's Peak was a great time! Due to the downpours all day, the crowd had thinned out in the middle of our 2nd set, so we ended up just experimenting and trying all sorts of things. We played some new songs, busted out a few CM rarities...and just had a good time.

Check out set 2: as unique as any in our entire history.
1/13/2014 Back to The Peak!
Next up: Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub, on Friday, February 21st, 2014!

After a great gig the other night, we're lined up for another gig in a few weeks. This really is a great venue to play. If you're up for the trek to NH, come check it out. Great pub food, good beer selection, and a real chill apres-ski environment to hang out in.
1/11/2014 Gig #1 of 2014 in the Books!
Cheese Merge hit up Pat's Peak last night with 3 solid sets. The Sled Pub is quickly becoming one of our favorite venues to play. Check out some of the tunes from the gig on our sounds page.

We'll be back to the Peak on February 21st. Details to come.
12/19/2013 Back to The Peak!
Cheese Merge has been called up to kick off 2014 in style, hitting up one of our favorite joints: Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub, on Friday, January 10th, 2014!

Come hang out for our first gig in 2014. We know it's a hike for some of you...but those who actually live in NH within an hour radius have no excuse. Let's do this!

There is another gig scheduled in Feburary...details to come.
9/30/2013 Goodbye Summer!
Friday's gig at the MCC was a great time. After a long week, a much needed jammy setlist was in order, and CM rose to the occasion. The vibe was chill and everyone seemed to be enjoying the tunes.

Keep on the lookout for more dates to be posted over the next few weeks. We may be back to the MCC one more time this year, and we'll be posting some 2014 Pat's Peak dates soon!
8/25/2013 Great time last night!
Cheese re-merged last night to play a special event: Rob and Adrienne's wedding! Though the set was only an hour long, CM brought out their best effort in support of 2 very close friends.

Thankfully we were the first artistic venture of the night, preceeding dinner. Because there is no way we could even come close to competing with what followed dinner: Rob Surette and his Amazing Hero Art. Simply amazing stuff.
5/29/2013 Poster time!
The first ever fully commissioned, 100% authentic, non-imitation knock-off, CM approved posters have arrived!

Look for them at our next handful of shows!
4/30/2013 MCC and CM - Together Again
CM will be back at the MCC on Friday, May 24th, 2013!

Cheese Merge greets Summer with a bang. Come hang out, grab some great pub food and a few beers, and (if the weather is nice) chill out on the 2nd floor deck overlooking the 18th hole! And bad weather just means an intimate indoor gig...you can't lose!
3/30/2013 Out with a bang!
Last night's show at Pat's Peak was yet again a success. We closed out their winter Friday night acoustic series in style. The place was full and the vibes were great. The highlight of the night was a really tight second set which unfortunately was not recorded due to Brian forgetting to hit the record button. Whoops! Oh well. We got one of our greatest crowd responses ever after the Soul/Land jam. Top notch CM moment.

We'll be back at the Marlborough Country Club within the next month or two. Stay tuned!
3/26/2013 Back to the Peak!
Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub: Friday, March 29, 2013!

Pat's Peak wanted us back, and who are we to say no? Last time we had an absolute blast. Let's head up and class up the joint again!
1/19/2013 HELL of a show last night!!!!
Last night's show at Pat's Peak was incredible. The place was packed and we played with a lit up ski mountain as our backdrop. You can't beat that!
1/15/2013 First gig of the year!
Pat's Peak - The Sled Pub: Friday, January 18th, 2013!

Winter is here. And so is Cheese Merge. New venue, same vibe. Let's greet 2013 with a bang!
8/18/2012 Good times last night!
Great turnout last night at the MCC. Much thank to all the people who showed up to check out our set: Jim and his wife, Jim's buddy Mike, Marc's brothers and families and also thanks to all of the MCC patrons who were there....the patio was quite full! Also, much thanks to mother nature who decided it would be nice to soak us and have us scramble to bring all of our gear inside. To everyone who helped us keep our gear dry by grabbing what they could and hauling it inside: you all rock and saved us BIG time! Thanks a ton for your help!

Check out some of the tunes on our sounds page
7/28/2012 NH Ain't Ever Gonna Be The Same
Last night's impromptu show at Pizza Mia was out of this world! Brian joined Marc for his normally-solo Friday night gig, and CM played 2 solid, very experimental sets (including some kids songs). What a blast!

Check out some of the tunes on our sounds page
7/22/2012 Great Show!
Last night's show at the MCC was a great time! 3 bands and local wines, beers and cigars on showcase...what more could you ask for?

Check out the sounds page for a handful of new mp3s!

Remember: we'll be back at the MCC on August 17th!
6/4/2012 Benefit Show Cancelled
Because of bad weather predicted in the area, tomorrow's show has been cancelled.
5/30/2012 Benefit Show!
Paws For A Cause: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Come support a great cause! CM finally plays an open show in NH. All you NH folk who keep saying we need to play up in your neck of the woods: you got it!
5/9/2012 And...#2
MCC: Friday, August 17th, 2012!

Summer. Cheese Merge. Yet again.
5/8/2012 Summer is as Summer does
We're heading back to the MCC on Saturday, July 21st!

Summer. Cheese Merge. You have no excuses. Ok, maybe you do, but I bet they are lame.
3/29/12 CM is back
Last night's private gig at a company function was a great return for CM. After taking the winter off, and really only getting one good practice session in a couple of weeks ago, it was as if we never left. The tunes flowed, the vibe was great, and everyone had a good time. Hopefully this kicks us back into gear as Spring unfolds. Stay tuned for more gigs, hopefully coming in the next couple of months. We can't wait to get out there again!
3/26/12 First Gig of the Season
CM breaks through the winter slumber with a private gig on Wednesday, March 28th in the heart of Boston! Unfortunately for our friends and fans, it is a private shindig. However, stay tunes for more gigs as the Springtime unfolds. there will be more. Oh yes, there will be more.
8/7/11 SummerStock - Yet Another Success
Once again, SummerStock was a great time. Cheese Merge played a spontaneous random set on Friday night, and 2 full sets on Saturday. Friday's set was an adventure to say the least. We winged the whole thing and just got up there and goofed around for an hour or so.

Saturday's main sets were the real attraction and both sets turned into real jammed out explorations. Looking at the setlists you wouldn't think we played very long, but total time was somewhere around the 3 hour mark. Big thanks to Kevin who joined us for a few songs on hand drums and mandolin. He also played rhythm guitar and sang "Possum" and "AC/DC Bag". Good stuff! Also, the real spacey "Add It Up" delay jam was a definite highlite.

Unfortunately the recordings won't be of much use: apparently I chose a pretty high foot traffic area to put up the microphone: crowd noise is as loud as the music! Also, the random dog barkings don't help much. Oh well.
8/3/11 It's The Final Countdown!
SS 2011: 2 Days and Counting!
SS 2011: 2 Days and Counting!

Let's do this.
7/11/11 SummerStock News
After taking last year's SummerStock off, Cheese Merge will be bringing the heat to SS 2011.

Hell yeah.
7/11/11 MCC, done right.
Friday's gig at the MCC was a great return show for the Merge. Good turn out, and good tunes. What more can you ask for from a mid-summer gig?
5/10/11 Summer gig, makes me feel fine
We've been asked to come back to the MCC on Friday, July 8th! Summer should be in full swing. So should Cheese Merge!

Let's do this!
4/23/11 CM kicks off 2011
We had a great show last night at the Marlborough Country Club for our first show of 2011! Marc got a call on Wednesday asking if we were up for playing, and somehow we made it work. CM had not played or even practiced together since our last gig in November, but just like riding a bike we were up there doing our thing. It was a very loose and spontaneous show, which included 2 songs that we had not only never played out before...but we had never even practiced before ("Ya Mar", "It's A Shame About Ray"). "Ya Mar" even included Marc on harmonica...another CM first!

We recorded last night's show with a new handheld recorder. For set 1 we had to put it on the ground in front of the monitor so that guests could use the table in front of us, but for set 2 we were able to place it right on the table. Thus set 2 sounds a lot crisper, but overall it all sounds pretty good considering it was essentially a trial run w/ a new recorder. Check out the sounds page for lots of new mp3s!

The MCC wants us to have a recurring gig this year, so look for more dates to be added in the near future!
4/22/11 BAM!
Cheese Merge live @ The Marlborough Country Club

Friday, April 22nd
Marlborough Country Club
200 Concord Road
Marlborough, MA

6:30 start time. No cover. Eh, and no flyers either: a very last minute gig!

We know this is very late in the game to spring on you, but if you are free tonight come check us out!
11/14/10 GREAT show!!
Last night's gig at Marley's On The Beach was by all accounts a great success! Great vibes, solid sets, and one of the best turnouts we've ever had (especially for a location a little farther away than usual). Thank you to EVERYONE who came out!
10/8/10 New gig, new venue!
We've got a gig scheduled at a brand new venue! On November 13th, we will be playing in Warwick, RI at Marley's On The Beach. A buddy of ours bought the bar, renovated it, and it recently opened a few weeks ago. Business has been a little slow, and they are really hoping things pick up. We know this is a bit of a haul for our Boston area friends, but if there is any chance you'd be up for a little road trip we would REALLY appreciate it. A good turnout would do wonders for them, and with a little word of mouth we are hoping to help support our friend in his endeavor.

8/30/10 MCC in 3 weeks!
8/28/10 Great show last night!
Last night's gig at the MCC was a great return for us! The weather was absolutely beautiful (check out the pictures page) and there were great vibes around all night. Much thanks to everyone who showed up, as well as the tournament folk who were recovering from playing 27 holes during the day.

We were asked to come back on September 17th. See you in 3 weeks!
7/6/10 Bam!
2 upcoming gigs have been scheduled!

July 9th at Nabnassett Lake CC, and August 27th at the MCC.

Come help us kick off and subsequently say farewell to Summer in style!
5/29/10 Triumphant return!
Last night's gig at the MCC was a great gig for us to get back into the swing of things. Loose and jammy, and good vibes all around. Thanks to C, C's mom, Rob, Josh, Ben, Kristen, Tay and all of the patrons who hung around to watch our outside patio sets. As always, you guys are awesome!

Props to Rob for requesting the Diff'rent Strokes theme...10 minutes after we played it.

Summer is here and the Merge is back. Let's get it on!
5/4/10 Upcoming gig: Back to the MCC!
Due to some busy schedules and lots going on, Marc has had to play a few solos shows recently. BUT: CM hits up the MCC once again in a few weeks on 5/28! That is, of course, unless Brian becomes a daddy 2 weeks early.

This is hopefully the first of many shows this summer. CM is ready to gig again!
3/16/10 Ramping up
It's been a quiet few weeks, but rumblings are beginning again. The MCC has asked us back in May, and we'll be scouting out some new venues as well. New gigs are on the horizon, rest assured.
2/7/10 Good stuff
CM had another great gig that wrapped up about, oh, 30 mins ago. Much thanks to C, Damian, Jeff & Sara, and Marc's buddies for coming out and supporting us. We're both dealing with head colds but trudged through and gave it our all. Hopefully everyone dug it, nasal singing and all. Thanks again for a great time!
1/24/10 What a GREAT show!
Last night's show was a success all around. It was EASILY our best turnout ever...there had to have been around 25 people there to watch The Merge do their thing. I usually like to thank everyone by name but I don't think I can do it this time! Well, let's try: Corina, Ben, Dan, Kevin, Josh, Rob & Adrienne, Amish, Mike, Alex & Nancy, Squid, Porter, Mike W. aka Humpty, Jenny & Eric, Adrienne's handful of friends, John & Jaime, and if I forgot anyone I fully apologize. What a great show and turnout. Thank you so much to everyone!

Oh, and the van ride home so as to avoid any drunk driving issues = priceless.
1/21/10 A couple more gigs!
The gig on Feb 27th may end up being a solo Marc gig due to a scheduling issue, but the dates are all set.

1/10/10 2010 - A Year Doesn't Start Much Better Than That
(B:) To everyone to who showed up: Corina, Rob & Adrienne, Jason, Brian, Damian & Kim, Kat & Ken, Ben, Kristen and everyone else (ugh, if I missed anyone I apologize): THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH! The shows keep getting better and better, and seeing familiar faces as well as some new ones every time is just awesome.

See you, hopefully, again in two weeks!
1/9/10 It all starts tonight
Headlining on the sign this time!

12/28/09 New Tunes
Check out the sounds page for an mp3 of "Coventry" from B&Cs wedding back in May. More to come!
12/22/09 January 2010: Return of The Merge.
Flyer says it all.

12/17/09 One of the best.
(B:) Applebee's was shown what's up tonight. We both feel that tonight's gig was one of our all-timers. Jammy, a little loose at times, and just good vibes all around. Thanks a TON to everyone who came out...we can't thank you enough: Ben, Stephen, Rob, Kat & Ken, Jodi (trooper...stayed the whole time!), and last but not least Kevin and his army of friends. All you guys (sorry I forgot your names) are AWESOME for coming out and supporting us. Thanks for the PJ requests, and it was awesome to see you rocking out to Sabbath/Maiden. Right on everyone. Great times!
12/13/09 Great show!
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us last night! A great show at a new venue...what else can I say? Thank to B's parents & sister, UJ & AR, Damian, C, C's mom, and everyone else. Also, thanks to everyone's positive comments and support throughout the show. It seemed like everyone had a great time, and we can't wait to go back there this Thursday. Thanks to the guys playing beer pong who bought us a round of beers. Also, thanks to the guy who cheered on his way to the bathroom after the final E-minor chord in Porch to end the show. Epic dude, epic. And sorry to the guy who requested a bluegrass tune. We'll work on something, maybe.

Who knew Applebee's had beer pong tournaments?
12/6/09 Hell yeah.
11/23/09 2. New. Gigs.
Marc's hard work paid off: We have 2 news gigs at a new venue! Saturday, December 12th and Thursday, December 17th 2009 we will be playing at Applebees in Milford, MA. We're trying to play some new venues, and this is great news for us!

C'mon out and lets show them how we do it!
10/18/09 Giddy Up
Friday's show at the Marlborough Country Club was stellar all around. Considering there was a minimal amount of golf played during the day, there were fair amount of people eating and having a few drinks in the tavern. Those in attendance seemed to really be digging the Merge. We played a great, long set and were locked in the whole time.

(B:) Much thanks to Ben and Uncle Joe for coming out! Ben, I think this officially means you went on fall tour w/ Cheese Merge! In 10 years, people will look back on these shows and be jealous you were there. Bragging rights!
10/13/09 Hook, line & sinker: we scored another gig!
C.M. got the call from the MCC asking if we can head up this Friday (10/16) and play. The answer? Yes. Yes we can.

C'mon out and throw down a few apps & drinks while the soothing sounds of Cheese Merge lull you into a false sense of security and whisk you away to blissful paradise supreme.

9/28/09 Great time!
Friday's gig at the Marlborough Country Club was a solid show by all accounts. We played 2 good sets and the vibes were great all around.

Much thanks to: Rob & Friends, Damian & Kim, C, Erin, J.B., Marc's friends and of course: Frankie-Boy. It's always great when we have a good turnout. Hopefully we can get another gig soon because Friday was too fun!
8/28/09 New gig!
We're back, and we're hitting up the Marlborough Country Club on September 25th, at 7:30pm. Come early and grab some food and a drink (or 3). It's always a great time!

Flyer #1
Flyer #2
Flyer #3
7/27/09 Stepping Up And Delivering
Cheese Merge was called up for duty on Friday night at the Marlborough Country Club, as a golf tournament was delayed due to weather and they needed a band to start later than anticipated, which meant the scheduled band had to bail. We stepped up and played a 2+ hour set out on the deck to a steadily rotating audience who seemed to be digging our stuff. Special thanks to B's parents and wife who came along for the ride, as well as the "PLAY VAN THE MAN!" woman, and the "Play something else, how about some Allman Brothers" woman who called out her request (as 1 of the final 2 people in attendance) as we were about to close with "Wish You Were Here" and then proceeded played some Allmans as our final song instead.
7/19/09 Cheese Merge Destroys SummerStock
This weekend's gig up in NH was a complete success. Special thanks to Alex Miranda for coming and joining us on drums. It was great to have a backbeat behind us, and Alex filled in, with no practice, perfectly. Up on the deck, jamming and having a great time all while staring down at people playing horseshoes and sitting on the hillside and next to the campfire...that is what life should be about. No B.S., just good times. We played what seemed to be 2 well received sets, and then the night transpired into random jam sessions in the kitchen and garage.

Thanks a TON to Melanie & Wayne for allowing a few dozen of us to set up tents on their grounds, and to Melanie for having a connection in the promotions business who got the banner made up just for us. That was beyond cool!

CM SS 2010? Who knows?
6/30/09 Great gig
Friday's show at the Marlborough Country Club was a complete success. The vibes were good, the tunes were good, and the crowd was digging it. We played for close to 2 1/2 hours and stayed true to form, while throwing in a few well placed country club-esque selections. Thank you to EVERYONE who showed up to support us, and we're not just saying that. We know we sometimes play places that are not close to our fans & friends, and to see such a good turnout at our most important shows really means a lot to us. It's hard to hang out and mingle with everyone because we are playing the whole time, but it's great to look out and see everyone there having a good time. You know what they say about Cheese Merge fans? Eh, clue us in because we don't...

Also, the manager seemed to dig our music and was excited by the turnout. It sounds promising that we'll be invited back again!

Once again: YOU ALL ROCK!

-Cheese Merge
6/24/09 Only a couple of days to go...
The MCC gig is in 2 days. Let's get a good turnout and show Marlborough how Cheese Merge does it. The more people who show up, the better chance we have of playing there again. So, eh, if you don't like us I guess you shouldn't show up. That'll teach us!

Seriously though, show up or expect a swift and utterly nonsensical retaliation. We will not refrain from sending in the dogs, or the bees, or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you.
6/11/09 BAM!
Cheese Merge live @ The Marlborough Country Club

Friday, June 26th
Marlborough Country Club
200 Concord Road
Marlborough, MA

At the Roof Deck. 7:30 start time. No cover charge.

Flyer #1
Flyer #2
Flyer #3
Flyer #4

Cheese Merge also has 2 private gigs lined up over the next few weeks. Unfortunately these are not open to the public, but we'll do our fans proud.
5/27/09 *Ahem*

5/14/09 A few days late...
(B:) Back from the honeymoon. Check out the setlists page. The Merge rocked the wedding reception. Epic rockingness. Marc looking at me, mid jam, and saying "Happy wedding, man!" with a big old grin on his face will forever be etched in my brain. Also, much love to Wiki 3 for letting us use their PA system to jam out during a set break, and then for joining us during our last tune.

4/29/09 I couldn't resist
(B:) I had to do something creative for Marc & Kristen.

Behold: The Cheese Merge onesie!

4/20/09 Cheese Merge's newest fan!
(B:) Congratulations to Marc & Kristen! Cheese Merge has a new #1 fan: Taylor!

Looks like we need to find some 1 week+ clubs to play. Get her ID ready!
4/16/09 Updates
Cheese Merge has been ramping up practicing again. There are lots of new songs and segues in the works. Also, there are rumors of headlining a small July festival, along wih other smaller gigs in the near future.

We knows things have been quiet. Settle down. There will be plenty of Merge to go around in the coming months. Plenty.
3/19/09 New (old) videos
Check out the sounds page for a few new videos from the Sully's gig. Yeah it's about 5 months late, but we sort of forgot that Damian had brought his camera and recorded some of the gig...on 3 mini-dvds! 1 of the discs converted to mpeg easily and "Moving On --> Fluffhead" has been posted to youtube. The other 2 discs do not appear to have been finalized, so as soon as we figure out the issue we will post more songs. For all those who attended the gig: watch for yourself in the videos!
3/13/09 Triumphant. Short, but triumphant.
Last night at The Rose Garden was a good time. We only got to play 4 songs, and possibly our only segue-free set ever, but we both agreed it was a solid set. Lots of energy and tight jams. Dave, the open mic host, seemed a little anxious to close shop a bit early, as the whole night was over by 10:20, but it's all good. Much thanks to the other artists, including Francine the Queen of Obscene, and the featured act Tom Smith, who minutes before hitting the stage was in the bathroom with a nice case of the stomach flu. That's guts right there! Also, the Three Amigos (apparently a previous featured act) were a welcome change of pace from the norm: a 3-piece bluegrass/country/folk band complete with a bassist, dobro/slide player and guitarist/harmonica player/lead singer.

Line of the night provided by Dan, the host: "Hey, I have your Cheese Merge magnet prominently displayed right on my gun case!"

Also, thanks a ton to Rob & Damian for showing up to support us!
3/11/09 Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Ummm, Rose Garden.
We'll be back at The Rose Garden tomorrow, 3/12, sometime between 8 and 10. If it ends up being our best show ever, but you were too complacent at home watching reruns of Hee Haw, you'll kick yourself. Or maybe we'll do the deed for you.

Cheese Merge: A little lithium in a world gone crazy with a lack of thought out segues.
2/27/09 Open Mic or The Circus of Dr. Lao?
(Brian:) We hit up The Rose Garden last night. I don't even know where to begin. Our sets were typical for an open mic after not playing out for a while. I thought we sounded pretty good and it was nice to bust out some new material.


That was by far the weirdest open mic, if not one of the weirdest nights out I have ever seen. To say we were the most normal act of the night would be an understatement. When we walked in the door and put our names on the list, the guy who runs the open mic was doing a mini set which for all intents and purposes was your run of the mill open mic set. He sounded fine. Next up was Miguel. We've seen Miguel at open mics before. Hes a very unassuming, Spanish speaking guy who plays a MEAN classical/flamenco/finger-picking guitar. An awesome talent, that seems so out of place at a New England open mic that he's a perfect fit. Always a treat!

Then I don't know what happened. There was something in the water, or someone was pumping the place full of nitrous or something. Good lord. The next act was a young kid who looked to be around 16-17. He gets up there with his guitar, borrows my tuner because he was nowhere near in tune, and then noodles around for a few minutes asking his friends what songs he should play. He finally gets around to playing and although he knew some chords, he did not know patience on the guitar. He was just hammering every chord as hard as he could (maybe he was just nervous, who knows). Then the battery in his pickup started dying, and 2 songs later that was all she wrote. The kid had potential but he needs to learn how to play a lot smoother.

Then Cheese Merge headed up for set #1. The usual. (I'll skip over the lady who left right after our set who was wearing a very thin skirt that was hiked up her legs a bit too far.)

Then some kid, also very young, got up on stage. No guitar. No instrument. What does he do? He ends up doing George Carlin's "7 Words You Can't Say On TV" bit. In it's entirety. WTF? When he finished he proceeded to ask me if I would give him a guitar lesson at some point. I guess he wanted to be like Stephen Lynch. But when Marc told him he should learn some basic chords, he asked "What's a chord?" Dude, I have 2 suggestions for you: 1) Guitar lessons. 2) Original material. Oh, and he was also impressed when I said I knew who Bill Hicks was. I was 17 when Bill Hicks died in 1994. You're 17 (or so) now. I actually remember when Bill was alive. Still, not to rip on the kid...he was nice enough and seemed to dig what he was doing. Gotta give him kudos for doing something like that on his own. I wouldn't have had the balls to hit up an open mic on my own at his age.

Then. Umm. I don't even know what to say. The open mic guy announced the next act. I wish I could remember his name but it was something like "Old Delaware" or something. This really old guy (85?) with a big hunchback goes up and sits on a little chair. We'd seen him and his companion (could have been his son or just a friend) eating dinner throughout the sets and figured they were just watchers. Nope. The companion helps him to his chair, and then holds up a "Guitar Hero" guitar carry case and shows it to the crowd. Ummm, ok? But inside was not a "Guitar Hero" guitar, but rather a kid's toy guitar with little backlit buttons all over the neck. He turns it on and the old man hits a button to play one of the pre-recorded songs. It was a Sabbath or Zep song (I wish I could remember). Then, as the music is playing, he just starts hitting random buttons on the neck to play along with it. Picture it: A really old guy, hunched over and sitting in a small chair, people surrounding him to watch, and he just sits there hitting random notes to a pre-programmed guitar. I got a picture of him with my cell phone that you have to see to believe. My (almost) 4 year old nephew does the same thing with his toy guitar. When he does it, it's adorable. This guy was just...ummm...amusing? Weird? Bizarre? I had no idea what to think. Did I mention he was wearing a shirt that said "You can never have too many guitars"?

Then, as is the format at The Rose Garden, there was a featured act. It was a guy we'd seen play before. He goes by the name of Clayton Willoughby, and it was only fitting that he was the featured act that night. What an absolute treat. He's a Leon Redbone-esque vaudevillian character, complete with made up stories of having met famous characters and famous songs that he wrote but others took from him, etc. He plays a mean finger-picking, vaudeville/20's style guitar (check out the link above and watch some of his videos), and does the mouth trumpet & clarinet with the best of them. He sits on a chair while he plays, in a full white suit and sunglasses, with props that include "On Air" and "Applause" signs, an old fashioned microphone, and a suitcase he places in front of him that has stickers from all over the world. Each song is preceded by some partially made-up story and the crowd is completely engaged. As Marc said, he and I jam, but Clayton is an showman. I agree. It was only fitting that Clayton was the main act on this bizarre night. Anyone else would have had their work cut out for them. Clayton just took the circus' reigns. Right on my man, right on.

Cheese Merge followed with a brief second set which helped wind down the night. As we launched into Phish's "Waste", the open mic guy said "Hey, is that a Phish song?" When we responded yes, he said he knows Mike Gordon and they went to high school together. So later on when we went into the intro to Coventry, right before Marc said the name of the song the guy said "Did you go to Coventry?" as if on queue. Marc was like "Uhhh, yeah, I went and this next song is about that weekend." and told the guy how his car was the last one to be allowed into the event by state troopers before they closed the highway down. The guy then told the story about how he got into the festival with Mike's mother. Jeeze. Marc then said the name of the next song was Coventry and we launched into it to end the night.

That's the most I've ever typed before 9am. I actually couldn't go to sleep for a little while because I was going over this post in my head.
2/26/09 Back to The Rose Garden tonight
We'll be hitting up The Rose Garden tonight, sometime between 8 and 10. We won't know the exact time until we get there.

Who's in? You? Nice.
2/12/09 Oh boy
New songs being practiced. Some epic. Some epicly bad. All perfect for The Merge. This could get interesting.
1/29/09 Nothing to see here
Nothing new to report. Marc is currently sitting on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, and B is working like a sucker. We'll be in the practice zone again next week and hopefully will have some gigs popping up on the horizon. Stay tuned.
1/5/09 Happy New Year!
All is quiet on the Cheese Merge front. After a little break from gigging and practicing, Marc returned from his road trip and The Merge hit up B's basement on Saturday night to ramp up practicing again. T'was a chill night, but the vibe was good and the tunes were flowing. We'll be making a push to play a few more real gigs in the coming months, and we're looking for some new open mic spots. The Rose Garden is on our list (we played there once last year), and we know of a few other spots. If anyone knows of any other good Metro-West open mic spots, Drop us a line!
12/18/08 Good time last night
We were back at Fat Boy Bill's last night for a loose and fun jam session. After a chill warm up with "Jessica", we settled into our groove and played a mixed up setlist. Then Dave Cournoyer and guests joined us for a 20 minute jam session to close the night.

(Brian:) I suppose the big news of the night is the fact that not only did I sing a liiiiitle bit of backup, but I also, ahem, sang lead for "Indifference". Yup. The place was empty and the only people in the bar at the time who were not up on stage (which included Dave's brother, as well as another guitar player and a keyboardist) was the bartender and Dave himself. Marc looked at me and said "Why don't you take this one?", and, well, I did. Marc sat on the stage's steps happily strumming away and I stepped up to the microphone. Happy, Marc? :)
12/17/08 Tonight: back to Fat Boy Bill's
We'll be heading down to Fat Boy Bill's tonight around 8:00. There's nothing good on TV, and we're better than bad. How's that for incentive?
12/16/08 The Basement Sessions EP
The first few copies of "The Basement Sessions" have been made and will be handed out to venues soon to promote Cheese Merge and hopefully land us some gigs. All of the songs are available on the sounds page. The EP will be released in a slimline jewel case complete with booklet and CD artwork and tracklisting. We won't be selling these, but drop us a line and we'd be glad to make you a copy.

  1. Soul To Soul --> All Along The Watchtower
  2. El Venir Pronto
  3. Moving On --> Fluffhead
  4. Coventry
  5. AC/DC Bag
  6. Creep
  7. My Girl --> Walk On The Wild Side --> I Touch Myself
12/5/08 New videos
Check out the sounds page for a few new videos from Wednesday night's gig.
12/4/08 Oh boy
We're back.

Dave Cournoyer's open mic at Fat Boy Bill's last night was the perfect venue for us to return to the stage. The crowd was a bit sparse, and Cheese Merge collectively said "Well, let's bust out some stuff we've been working on but haven't perfected yet". It worked. Plus the debut of the new, original, Spanish-tinged segue "El Venir Pronto" was total money. We both agreed that was some of them most fun we've had playing out in a long time.

Cheese Merge just missed the cut for the Grammy's this year, but word on the street is that next year they will be nominated for 2 awards:


All this hard work is paying off.

(Brian:) Much thanks to Damian for coming to check out our set. When he texted me at 8:00 saying "Dude, there's only 6 people here", I should have responded "Ooh, 3 more than usual!". He also commented that he kept thinking "Wait, weren't they just playing another song?" as we threw in the new segues. He also knew something was up when I started laughing in anticipation right when Marc was about to bust out The Divinyls. Yup.

Oh, and Cheese Merge has now played as many gigs as Brian has seen Pearl Jam shows: 34. Sweeeeeeet.
11/20/08 The Basement Sessions, Vol. 3
Even newer additions to the sounds page: more rough demos from B's basement (11/19/08).

One more track from 11/6 was taken down to make room.
11/20/08 The Basement Sessions, Vol. 2
New additions to the sounds page: 2 more rough demos from B's basement (11/12/08).

Look for a new tracks from last night up soon!

As promised, one of the tracks from 11/6 was taken down, and more will be removed as newer demos are put up on the site.
11/10/08 The Basement Sessions, Vol. 1
New additions to the sounds page: 4 rough demos from B's basement (11/6/08). We'll be working on getting the sound quality even better as B is finally getting around to learning the nuances of his multi-track recorder that he has had for, oh, 4-5 years. Grab 'em while you can, because as soon as we get better versions recorded these will be taken down.
10/29/08 Fat Boy Bill's tonight
We're returning to Fat Boy Bill's tonight at 8:00.

If it was a switch, it would so be on.
10/21/08 Tennessee's: One last time, tomorrow night
We just got an email from Bill who runs the open mics at Tennessee's. Apparently the owner is pulling the plug on all entertainment until Spring 2009 to save costs. Tomorrow is his, and thus our, last night at Tennessee's for a while. There are other open mics in the area (we'll be at Fat Boy Bill's in Milford next Wednesday the 29th, probably around 8:30), but tomorrow at 9:30 will be our last Tennessee's set for a while.

C'mon down if 9:30 is not too late...CM promises to bring the heat!
10/15/08 Back To Tennessee's
Coming down from the buzz of our first headlining gig last weekend, we'll be back at our old stomping grounds, hitting up Tennessee's at 9:00 tonight.

Show up or I release the hounds.
10/5/08 Great show last night!
Thanks a ton for everyone who came out last night. It seemed like everyone had a great time, including not only our friends and family, but the bar patrons as well. We contemplated setting up in the dining room for a little more space, but people at the bar said "Hey, we want to hear you guys too!". So we setup in the bar and did our thing, and the response was great!

(Brian:) I think we played 95% of our repertoire in a 3 hour jamfest. Thanks a ton to Sully's for letting us play, and thanks to all our friends (and friends who brought multiple friends) and family (my parents, fiance, Marc's brothers and wife) for showing up to support us. Hopefully everyone had a great time and is enjoying their free Cheese Merge magnets! Also, thank you to the waitress who kept supplying me with a fresh glass of Guinness.

If you haven't already, make sure to sign up for our email list!

Official review!

Oh, and to everyone who said they were coming but didn't, and to everyone who continually said maybe while they waited for something better to come along: it's all good. There will be plenty of other "Cheese Merge's first headlining gig ever!" shows coming up.
10/3/08 Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go
Here's hoping for a great turnout. Let's freaking rock the hell out of Sully's!
9/30/08 4 days and counting
Can the Merge fans contain themselves?

Saturday, October 4th
Sully's First Edition Pub
11 Florence St, Ste B (Right off of Weed St)
Marlborough, MA
Mapquest it

9:00 start time. No cover charge.

Flyer #1
Flyer #2
Flyer #3
9/24/08 Tonight we ride.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to Tennessee's we go. Tonight. Showtime around 9:00.
9/22/08 Who's got a real URL? Us!
Welcome to our new, official domain: www.cheesemerge.com!
9/18/08 Tenn's Tonight
Well, the double bill didn't go through as planned, but we played a solid 1 hour set at Tennessee's last night. "Wish You Were Here" was debuted and dedicated to Rick Wright (RIP Rick). "Change" was played for the first time in a while, and "Indifference" was a particular highlite.

I'd like to thank the loudest table in the history of open mics. Of all the tables in the joint, you just had to be at the one directly in front of the stage. Oh well. The louder you got, the louder we got. And the view? Talk about splitting your peaches before you serve them. Yeesh. Marc noted the situation and changed lyrics accordingly. Good stuff.
9/17/08 Tenn's Tonight
We'll be back at Tennessee's tonight with an extended set starting at 9:30. If we're up for it, we might also head to Fat Boy Bill's for an early pre-set around 8:00. Is there anything better than a Cheese Merge double billing? Not likely.
Cheese Merge officially has it's first headlining gig.

Saturday, October 4th
Sully's First Edition Pub
11 Florence St, Ste B (Right off of Weed St)
Marlborough, MA

9:00 start time. No cover charge.

Check out the flyers:
Flyer #1
Flyer #2
Flyer #3

Print them out, put them up, or just look at them. Whatever.

We would be beyond thrilled if some of you came out to see us play.
9/11/08 Last night = 100% Cheese Merge
Cheese Merge returned to Tennessee's last night and ended up playing a solid hour and a half set. Both Marc and Brian agreed it was easily one of the best shows they have played. There was a lot of tight jamming, some interesting on the fly segues, and Cheese Merge really seemed on top of their game.

Official review!

(Brian:) Props to Marc for continually making me crack up as he spouted off nonsensical and downright odd lyrical oddities throughout the tunes to keep me on my toes. Also, the seque of "FWIW" into "No Rain" (which have never been played together) and then into "Mrs. Robinson" was a nice change of pace from our usual order of starting with "Mrs. Robinson" and then going into either song. "Wasted Years" --> "Fluffhead" --> "4am" was a completely spontaneous merging of tunes that really seemd to fit well. And, well, the new mellow version of "Creep" (which had never been practiced before) going right into "Coventry" was also quite slick if I do say so myself. Note to self: whatever I did during "Creep" I must remember for next time!
9/4/08 Hell #$%^& yes
(Brian:) What more can I say about our sets at Fat Boy Bill's last night? I really hope it catches on and more people show up, because that was a blast! Set 1 saw Alex Miranda once again join us on the djembe, and set 2 saw none other than my guitar instructor, Dave Cournoyer, join us and fill in perfectly. That was about as much fun as I have ever had playing out.

Also: props to Richie and Tim who came down to check out the scene and play a few tunes after I told Richie about it earlier in the day. You guys sounded great!

AND: We also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fat Boy Bill himself. A slender fellow if I do say so myself. He seemed to dig our music and talked about trying to get us in for a weekend afternoon gig. Stay tuned!
9/3/08 New venue tonight!
Bill McCarthy's open mic still remains king, but tonight Cheese Merge will be hitting a new venue just to spice things up a little bit. Brian's guitar instructor, David Cournoyer, is now running the new open mic at Fat Boy Bill's in Milford. Unlike Tennessee's open mics, this is first come first serve. The first scheduled slot is 8:00. We'll try to be there by 7:30 to help out. Since tonight is his first night there (it will be every first and third Wednesday of the month), it could be a little sparse with acts. Maybe we'll get another long set like last week!

(Brian:) Seriously, Dave is a beast on guitar. I hope he actually plays a few songs himself so he can wow the crowd. Check out him wailing: Friend Of The Devil. That's him on the left. And yes, that's where we'll be playing tonight.
8/28/08 Epic.
The Merge got to play an extended split-set last night at Tennessee's. Set 1 clocked in around a half hour, and set 2 easily passed the 45 minute mark and very well could have been an hour long. Much thanks to Bill for letting us fill in some empty space in the lineup.

Kudos to the duo, Richie and Tim (?), who performed before us. We have very similar styles and, apparently, tastes. Thanks for the back-up singing during "Wolfman's Brother"! You guys need to come to Tennessee's more often!

(Brian:) I know Marc will back me up: that was one of the best shows we've ever played.
8/26/08 Give me a "T"! Give me a "omorrow"!
C to the M will be at at Tennessee's again tomorrow. We may have a full hour set because it looks like Bill is unable to fill up every slot. Best guess is we go on at 9:00. Best bet: be there by 8:30.
8/21/08 Not bad, not bad at all.
Cheese Merge jammed away at Tennessee's last night. There ain't no party like a Cheese Merge party cuz a Cheese Merge party don't stop.

Props to the couple sitting at the bar who wrote down "Pearl Jam" on a Keno card and placed it in front of us as a request. Apparently the woman heard us play "Indifference" last week and liked it. Without knowing that, that's exactly what we played for her request. We talked after the set and she suggested we learn a Mad Season song. That sounds like a challenge I'm up for, and I told her we'd learn one but that her and her (boyfriend?) needed to come back.
8/19/08 Milford are you ready to rock???
Tennessee's yet again, tomorrow, 8/20 at 9:30. We meet again. For the first time. For the last time. Again.

Stay tuned for other venues and dates hopefully being announced soon. Until then, you know where to find us every other Wednesday night.
8/13/08 Yup
Tennessee's tonight at 9:30. We meet again.

We haven't practiced in a while. This could be epic.
7/30/08 C'mon down tonight
We'll once again be at Tennessee's tonight at 9:30. We've got some cool stuff lined up.

B's annual BBQ set on Saturday turned into a free-for-all jam at 1:00 am, with Doug M. also joining the mix. It was fun, I think.
7/24/08 Good times missed by all
Cheese Merge hit Tennessee's again last night with a solid set. Several new songs made their debut, mostly with success. Many thanks to none of our friends who showed up, but that's ok because we really didn't tell anyone about it. It's nice to play in front of mostly strangers from time to time.

Highlight of the night: Blackout mid-set for 5 seconds due to the intense thunderstorm that passed by. Don't worry, all of Bill's open mic gear made it through unscathed.

Is it monsoon season?
7/10/08 Epic gig!
Cheese Merge brought the heat to Tennessee's last night with a full hour set (thanks to someone who bailed). Marc's friend, Alex Miranda, joined us for the whole set on a hand drum, and even played 2 songs on guitar while Marc switched instruments with him. This gig was truly a classic Cheese Merge gig. New songs debuted, Brian busted out the Hot Hand Phaser for the first time, and with a full hour we were free to try some new stuff.

Epic. Confirmed.

Thanks to Damian who, well, showed up after we were done playing but still bought us drinks. What a guy. Heh.
7/3/08 We're baaaaaack.
Cheese Merge returned to Tennessee's last night with a fun half hour set. We hadn't practiced in a couple of weeks due to, well, summer, but we played a real energetic set! All in all it was a good set, and we'll be there again next Wednesday (the 9th) to do it all over again.

Thanks a ton to Kevin and his friends, plus Rob for showing up to support us. We promise to practice a couple of times before the next gig!
6/19/08 Solid show last night!
Cheese Merge hit Tennessee's last night, and will return on July 2nd and 9th. We had a longer than usual set due to a cancellation, and had a few friends who drove all the way from Billerica to come see us play. Hopefully they enjoyed the food because, man, that's a bit of a drive for 45 mins of music! Seriously though, thanks a ton for coming out...hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves!

Hey Venkat, see how fun America can be? You know it!

Marc will be flying solo on the 25th at Tennessee's, as Brian will be at Madison Square Garden with 21,998 other crazed Pearl Jam fans. SWEET!!!!!!
6/12/08 Missed a show, scheduled 4 more
Well, because of scheduling conflicts, we had to bail on last night's show. Thankfully Marc felt bad enough for the ditch and scheduled 3 more sets. That makes Brian a happy monkey.

All of the following dates & times are at the usual: Tennessee's BBQ in Milford.
  • Wed, June 18th @ 9:00
  • Wed, June 25th @ 9:30 (Marc solo, as Brian will be seeing Pearl Jam at Madison Square Garden)
  • Wed, July 2nd @ 9:30
  • Wed, July 9th @ 9:30
  • 6/5/08 Another solid set!
    Cheese Merge brought the heat again last night at Tennessee's BBQ in Milford. We hit the groove pretty well and were reading each other perfectly the whole time.

    9:00, same place next Wednesday, the 11th. Who's there?

    Special thanks to the white trash chick who had to make it a point to
    1. Have her argument w/ her boyfriend be heard by everyone during the set of the guy who played 2 slots before us and then
    2. Scream at the top of her lungs "ARGH!!!!!" like a mental ward patient on meth as she stormed out of the placed during Len's set, the guy who played before us. She was quite the class act.
    5/29/08 Ripped it up last night
    Cheese Merge stepped up and played a tight set (eh, except for one slightly butchered out-of-practice song) last night at Tennessee's BBQ in Milford. We went back to a few staples we hadn't played in a while. As usual, Bill McCarthy is the open mic circuit man! And I gotta give props to the guy who played after us who also plays a Breedlove. The man has taste!

    We've got another gig at Tenn's on June 11th @ 9:00. It's the 11th longest day of the year. What better reason to go?

    Thanks a TON to Corina, Ben, and, ummm, Ben's friend (who will remain nameless because I suck at names) for showing up and supporting us.
    5/12/08 Another May gig. Yup.
    Cheese Merge hits the open mic circuit yet again on May 28th at Tennessee's BBQ in Milford. We go on at 9:00, and you show up earlier. That's how this whole thing works. You show up, eat some BBQ, drink a beer or four, and then we go on at 9:00. Don't make it more complex than it has to be. Cheese Merge is all about keeping the flow simple. On a difficulty scale of 1-10, this is about a 2. That's how we roll in Milford.

    See, if you show up after 9:00, you could miss us. That's what locals would call a "wicked pissah".
    5/8/08 Good show last night
    Cheese Merge played for the 3rd week in a row at Tennessee's BBQ. There were a fair amount of people there and we busted out a few tunes we hadn't played in a while, and a few new merges as well. After all, that is what we do.

    There's another gig on the horizon. Stay tuned!

    (Do I hear rumors of a full gig or two sometime this summer?)
    5/1/08 Surprise set last night
    On a whim, Cheese Merge decided to check out the Milford open mic scene last night. First we showed up at Doc's. Their "first come first serve" Wednesday open mics appear to be on hold. So we downed a Guinness and went over our game plan. Bill McCarthy's open mic at Tennessee's BBQ was 1/4 mile down the road, but we didn't have a slot. No worries, we decided to check it out anyway. Bill put us on after his last slot and we played for about 45 minutes. We busted out some new stuff in front of a crowd of strangers. All things considered it was a pretty fun set and got a good crowd reaction. When we were done one of the patrons told us, "Good job guys. You played good music for hitting on chicks to." We took that as a compliment.

    Who is coming next week? We've got the 9:00 slot on May 7th at Tennessee's BBQ in Milford.
    4/23/08 Yet another gig
    Wednesday, May 7th at Tennessee's BBQ in Milford @ 9:00.

    We had a great showing at last night's show. Let's get even more people down there next time!

    Requests? We'll see what we can do!
    4/23/08 Hell yeah
    What a great time last night! Cheese Merge busted out some new covers (see the setlists page) and really changed up the setlist. The other acts were solid, the food and drinks were plentiful, and it was easily the most people we have played for, except maybe at the Uxbridge benefit.

    Much thanks to: Corina, Kristen, Mike & Jess, Damian & Kim, Kevin and his entourage, and everyone else who was there last night. Bill McCarthy once again proved that he runs the best open mic in the business. And to the guy, Len, who Hendrix'd it up after us and played a solo on his Strat with his teeth: we're not worthy.
    4/22/08 Tomorrow's gig
    Tomorrow's gig, Wednesday the 23rd, will be at 8:00, not 8:30 like we originally thought.

    Avoid the monkey vengeance: just show up!
    4/9/08 New show, New venue
    Cheese Merge returns to the open mic circuit on Wednesday, 4/23 at Tennessee's BBQ in Milford. We got on at 8:30.

    You will be there or the monkeys will have their vengeance. If you do not know what that entails, just play it safe and show up.
    2/21/08 Impromptu open mic last night, pt 2
    Cheese Merge once again showed up at Doc's in Milford last night and played 2 solid sets. The stage was setup, and the acoustic-electrics sounded great yet again.

    Much thanks to Brian's parents and D&K for showing up and supporting us. Spread the word, Doc's is a good time.

    Also, props to Patmos Brothers Revival who played sets in between our sets. According to their site they have a drummer as well, but last night they were a 3-piece: mandolin, stand-up bass and guitar. I'd describe them as bluegrass meets country meets train songs with a thumping bass meets a damn good time, all wrapped up and jamming for your pleasure. I hope they play at Doc's again!
    2/14/08 Oops, a no show
    Due to a nice case of the flu (or whatever the heck it was), Brian spent Wednesday and Thursday curled up on the sofa with no appetite and a nice case of the shakes, dizziness & a headache. Marc took one for the team and played the slot as a solo gig and did fine.

    We're planning our next move. Oh yes, we will be back.
    2/12/08 Tomorrow is just a day away (thanks Annie)
    Wednesday, 2/13/08 @ 8:00 - Speaker's Night Club in Marlboro.

    B - I've warned you about the consequences of not attending. You'd better listen. Was I right about CFC's? Was I right about the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin? Was I right about how some milk companies tend to be way off on their expiration dates while others hit the nail right on the head? Was I right about global warming? Was I right about the innevitable collapse of the U.S.S.R.? Do you want to see what happens if you ignore me? NO!!!
    2/7/08 Impromptu open mic last night
    Cheese Merge decided last minute to check out the new open mic at Doc's in Milford last night. What a great new place to play! Doc's is huge, and although the stage was not setup, it was a great place to jam. We ended up playing 2 sets, broken up by other performers in the middle. Set 1 was an absolute piledriver (possibly the tightest we've ever played), and set 2 was more exploratory and still really good. Kudos to the other people who performed last night. We'll definitely be playing there again!

    Don't forget, we'll be at Speaker's in Marlboro next Wednesday the 13th @ 8:00.
    1/17/08 Didn't we just play a show last night?
    2 Cheese Merge shows in less than a month? C'mon?!?!?! What are we, machines?

    Yes, actually we are machines. Machines of funk and roll for your soul. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto? Damn straight.

    Wednesday, 2/13/08 @ 8:00 - Speaker's Night Club in Marlboro.

    If you don't go, you'll never know. What if it ends up being what could have been the greatest night of your life, and you miss it because you are home slurping chicken soup and watching re-runs of Sanford & Son? HUH?! WHAT THEN?!
    1/17/08 Everyone had better things to do on a Wednesday?
    Oh well. We played a good set, and all the other performers were top notch. Why more people don't go is beyond me. There was free music and fairly cheap beer, plus the club provides pizza at around 9:00, and if Brian's parents can come down all the way from VT to see the show, what's your excuse? Wednesday's open mic at Speaker's is a hidden gem in the Metro-West area and we'd love to see it catch on. Last night had styles ranging from folk to classical guitar to Spanish music to flat out rock. It's way too much fun and the place should get more business.

    (Brian speaking:) Thanks a ton to my parents for coming down. This is the first time they've seen us play and I'm glad they had a good time. "Mrs. Robinson" was played especially for you guys :)
    1/15/08 Alright punks, who is going to be there tomorrow?
    They serve beer and there's not a bear to be seen for miles. What more could you blood-thirsty mosquitos possibly want?

    Ok, aside from that, what more could you possibly want?

    Oh. That's pretty good too.

    Well, if you can't get either of those, why not come watch us play?

    Wednesday, 1/16/08 @ 8:00 - Speaker's Night Club in Marlboro.

    Don't make me tell you thrice.
    1/3/08 First gig of the new year is scheduled!
    Wednesday, 1/16/08 @ 8:00 - Speaker's Night Club in Marlboro.

    Don't make me tell you twice.
    12/19/07 Open mic, new venue!
    New venue. Good times. We played a decent set and then had free pizza. What sucks about that?
    12/17/07 Open mic, new venue!
    The Lazy Dog is no more on Wednesdays. From now on we are playing at Speaker's Night Club in Marlboro. We'll be there this Wednesday, the 19th, at 8:30.
    11/28/07 I'm just saying: you should have been there
    Great set. You all missed it. Except one of you. The rest of you missed it. All the bar patrons enjoyed it. Where were you?
    11/26/07 Open mic gig in Marlborough this Wednesday!
    We play music. You order food and listen to music. Then, when it's done, you go home. Its a remarkably simple concept that has been shown to be 93% effective in clinical studies involving hampsters and marshmallows.

    We should hit the stage in the opening slot at 7:30 at The Lazy Dog on Wednesday, 11/28/07.
    10/19/07 Uxbridge Fire Benefit Show
    Lots of bands. Lots of food. We opened the night with a half hour or so, complete with an impromptu sit-in drummer, that we met only a few minutes before hitting the stage, who joined us for a few songs. He actually filled in rather well considering he had never heard us, or some of the songs, before. The "No Rain" tease had to bail before it got to the actual song because we were playing at about 130% normal speed. So it remained as, well, a tease. Good times for a good cause!
    6/14/07 Open Mic last night
    No planned setlist. Winged the whole thing. Tried some new stuff. Succeeded, eh, in parts.

    Good times.
    6/13/07 Open Mic Gig in Marlborough Tonight!
    We'll be playing at set @ 8:30pm tonight at The Lazy Dog in Marlborough. Food, booze, no shirt no shoes no service. You can't lose.
    5/24/07 The Lazy Dog last night
    Cheese Merge returned to the open mic circuit last night and all things considered it was a pretty damn good set. "Stir It Up" was busted out for the first time, "Coventry" and "Message In A Bottle" were nailed. "Porch" was, umm, respectable. Thanks to our friends to came to watch, and everyone else who was in attendance. Oh, and the guy who opened up the night and played "Sweet Child O' Mine" on mandolin? Total money.
    5/21/07 Open Mic Gig in Marlborough This Wednesday!
    We'll be playing at set @ 8:00pm on 5/23/07 at The Lazy Dog in Marlborough. C'mon by! We'll be busting out some new tunes and enjoying good food and good beer!
    7/10/06 The BBQ was a success!
    So the "Marc & Brian set" ended up being more of a loose jam than anything, with Brian's buddy Matt sitting in for an impromptu 2 hour jam session. We played Coventry with just the two of us, but then Matt joined in (rather well I might add) on Message In A Bottle, Black, Mrs. Robinson, No Rain, AC/DC Bag, Porch and Creep. Then we just sort of jammed for a while, including one jam based slightly on the 2 opening chords of Inside Job by PJ. A bunch of people were all hanging out in the basement checking us out and playing darts. It wasn't exactly a real 'set' per se as planned, but you can never really plan how a BBQ is going to unfold now can you?
    7/6/06 A gig is just around the corner
    Saturday, July 8th: The Milford BBQ is on! Good friends and good music, what more could you ask for? We'll be playing a good long set to start the festivities, and possibly a looser (drunker) 2nd set later on. Look for some new song debuts!
    5/19/06 It's about damn time: We have a web site!
    On May 17th we played an open mic at The Lazy Dog in Marlborough, MA. Joining us on percussion for the first time was Oren Rosen, and he fit like a glove. We played a 40 minute set and we all agree that it went pretty darn well! The new funky version of "Message In A Bottle" was a standout.

    We played a gig in February 2006 at Sayde's in Lebanon, NH, and by all accounts the show went really well.  Our good friends Doctor Malcolm let us open up for them and we had a great time.